Ace Attorney and How It Influenced My Art Style

As you can probably tell by the title of my very blog, Ace Attorney has been a big part of my life for many years. Ever since I saw the strange lawyer with spiky hair and a blue suit, I became even more obsessed with the ‘anime’ style than I already was. When I discovered Ace Attorney I had been drawing for about 6 months to a year, and I was still growing as an artist. My proportions were terrible, I didn’t understand how hair worked, and whenever I tried to draw my favorite characters, they never really looked like the original picture.
However, one big aspect of the art in the games seemed to stick with me. That was the small (Or at least anime standards of small) eyes. This was something I prided myself on when I was first starting. Nowadays, my drawings have biggish eyes, but even then they’re not the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen. Here’s a picture that I drew of Trucy a few months ago:
Trucy by AthenaHolmes

As you can see, her eyes aren’t tiny, but they’re definitely not huge either. I definitely attribute this to the fact that Ace Attorney was one of the few Japanese works I consumed frequently since I hadn’t yet become obsessed with anime. I absolutely fell in love with the character designs of the various cast, and strove to have art like Tatsuro Iwamoto. I don’t think I ever really achieved that amazing feat, but it’s always good to have artists that you look up to.
But I’ve definitely strayed from these original roots. At the moment I’m focusing more on realism so I can learn more about shading and grow as an artist. I’ve never forgotten the original inspirations for my art, and there will always be a place for all the Ace Attorney artists in my heart (Next to the Persona series’ artist Shigenori Soejima).

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