Day By Day- Round 14

You idiot! The receptionist probably said it was you who left the note!

Clay sighed.

Looks like confronting Fulbright isn’t going to work. I need to think of a better approach. Wait a second…

Anonymous tips! Why hadn’t he thought of that sooner?

The police hotline had place to submit those. He just had to call, and all of this would be over.

Clay patted himself on the back for being so clever.

He went to work that day. Director Cosmos called him in shortly after Clay arrived.

“Apparently an anonymous tip was submitted concerning the bombing.”

Clay pretended to be surprised. “You’re kidding right? Does… does that mean the police know who did it?”

“From what I’ve been told, the police are looking into it. Honestly I thought it was a little ridiculous.”

Clay furrowed his brow. “How so?”

“Apparently the caller said it was Detective Fulbright that made the threat.” Cosmos shook his head. “I don’t even know how they found out about the bombing in the first place. I made sure information about it wasn’t released to the public.

“Hm. That is weird.”

“You know anything about it, son?”

Clay swallowed. “Why do you think I’d know anything? I’m as surprised as you are.”

Director Cosmos held the younger man’s gaze for a few moments, then turned his attention back to his paperwork. “Anyway, Detective Fulbright has been suspended from the case at the moment.”

Clay couldn’t help but grin as he exited the room.

Now, even if the bombs do go off, I won’t be stabbed to death!

He stopped smiling.

That is probably the strangest thing I’ve celebrated in a while…

“Hey Space boy, you look happy.”

“I’m just excited. I really can’t wait to go to space.”

Aura crossed her arms. “I guess you always were easily excited.”

Clay furrowed his brow. “‘Easily excited’? I’m going to space! You would be excited too!”

The older woman looked down. “Not much makes me happy these days.”

Before Clay could respond, there was the sound of a thud. “That sounded like it came from the Director’s office.”

Aura pushed open the door. Her hands went to her mouth. “Oh my god…”

Clay squeezed past. “Holy shit.”

Director Cosmos was lying on the ground. There was a knife in the back of his head.

“We have to call the-” Aura fell to the ground.

“Aura!” Clay looked around frantically, trying to find the perpetrator.

“I bet whoever submitted that tip is really regretting it.” Fulbright stabbed Clay in the back.

He fell on top of Aura. The heat from her body was slowly diminishing. Clay tried to turn around, but it seemed like Fulbright had stabbed his spinal cord.

Shit. This is not what was supposed to happen!

The door closed and Clay was left to stare at the ground in front of him. Blood rolled down his back and onto his face.

No more messing with Fulbright.


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