Broken Frames, Torn Pictures Chapter 16

Zak was a… strange person. He wasn’t necessarily a huge dick all the time, but he had moments where he would do something that Jove viewed as an asshole move; him hitting on Thalassa when he knew she was married being one of them. But being a bit of a pompous asshole occasionally, didn’t equate to doing something like engaging in a relationship with a married woman.

But, Jove had threatened to bash Zak’s head in with his guitar case one time. Zak had taken it well, so Jove just assumed that there wasn’t any bad blood, but maybe there was a passive aggressive side to the man that no one knew about…

No, that didn’t make any sense.

Thalassa took all of her stuff with her, so I can’t look for clues in her nightstand…

Jove needed something to get his mind off of all these unanswered questions. His gaze fell on the various photo albums sitting neatly on the bookshelf. They chronicled the last six years of Jove and Thalassa’s life together.

Despite knowing that it would just reopen old wounds, Jove pulled the first album off the shelf. It contained pictures of a pregnant Thalassa along with a few from their wedding, along with one of Jove’s favorite pictures.

It was of him and Magnifi shaking hands. Jove’s love of it came from the bizarre nature of the picture. He had felt so awkward that he actually showed his teeth when he smiled. It was a forced, and completely fake looking smile that told the person who was looking at the picture that Jove wanted to die, but what really sold the whole image was Magnifi’s blank look. He did not look the least bit amused to be in the situation he was currently in. A fact that was further illustrated by how hard he gripped Jove’s hand. If he thought hard enough, Jove could feel his hand ache.

Thalassa had stood beside the cameraman with her head cocked to the side, thoroughly interested in the scene. Sometimes, if he was really invested in something, Apollo would emulate that gesture. Jove often teased his wife by saying if he emulated Thalassa’s mannerisms anymore, he’d turn into a cartoon character, to which Thalassa would retort, ‘if he gets any more nervous, his hair might never stick up again, just like his father.’ Maybe Apollo inherited her sharp wit, too. It would give him an edge over anyone who tried to pick on him.


Jove hadn’t checked on how he was holding up in a while. Apollo had been pretty held together since the meltdown incident a while ago, but it couldn’t hurt to at least sit down with some ice cream or something and talk things over.

Geez… I’ve been so caught up in all of this drama that I haven’t even made sure Apollo’s doing okay. I really am a garbage parent.

Jove was beginning to see the parallels between him and his own parents. After all the years of priding himself on being better than them, he ended up lapsing into the same behaviors once things got a little hard.

All of this was making Jove want to grab a six pack and forget about everything for a little bit.

I could probably use a little counseling… If only I could afford it.

But counseling could only do so much. Jove needed to learn how to deal with his problems on his own.

I should probably start pinning down what exactly I’m trying to overcome… Become my own counselor.

Jove pulled out a sheet of paper and sat down at the bar table. At the top of the page he wrote ‘Becoming a Better Parent’. It didn’t take long to start brainstorming ideas:

Start paying more attention to Apollo

Stop drinking so much

Become financially stable

Jove figured that he should try to tackle the top items of him list. It didn’t seem like a very hard task to pay more attention to his son. Jove had been doing pretty well up until this week… when all the drama with Thalassa surfaced.

Jove wrote one more thing down:

Stop caring so much about Thalassa

Once it was written down, it sounded much colder than it should have, but this was the only way he’d be able to be more focused as a whole. What Thalassa does shouldn’t have an impact on Jove. Who cares if she cheated on him?

Okay, I don’t think I’m ready to be that blasé just yet.

But he wasn’t sure how ready he was to stop caring about his ex-wife. Their divorce wasn’t even finalized yet. There was a chance they could get back together.

Stop thinking like that. It’s not going to happen. Especially since Thalassa’s already moved on.

Why did he have to linger so much on the past? He was still in his twenties! These were his glory days, and Jove was wasting them worrying about a woman that probably forgot about him the moment she stepped out of the apartment. Jove didn’t need a woman in his life to be happy.

He grabbed another photo album. This time it was full of pictures of Apollo back when he was a baby and when Thalassa and Jove traveled the world. They had both really enjoyed performing at venues in different countries. What intrigued Jove the most, though were the various languages he heard. He could never figure out why exactly he gravitated towards them so much, but it had always been something he wanted to learn more about.

There was this one country that had such an interesting language. It was a country in Asia. He couldn’t quite remember the name, but the language itself had such a clear and concise sound that Jove could listen to someone fluent talk for hours.

Although hadn’t been able to do that in a while since Thalassa and him agreed to not travel out of the country until Apollo was older. Besides, Apollo should be able to remember visiting a country that wasn’t his. That was an experience that stays for you forever, and Jove wanted Apollo to truly enjoy it.

Maybe he’d start saving up for a trip to Europe or that country- if he could ever remember the name of it. That would be a fun goal to try to obtain. He’d have to find a way to make money first…

Jove’s phone buzzed in his back pocket. It was Johann calling him. What could he possibly want?

“Where are you?” Johann said once Jove answered.


“We were supposed to meet up half an hour ago. Where are you?”

“Oh, right! I’ll be right there.” All of this life coaching had made Jove forget that he was supposed to meet the band. Oh well, he’ll make it up to them somehow.

. . .

So, we just sign the lease, right?” Thalassa and I were looking down at the paper that would give us our own apartment.

“Mm hm. Then we’ll officially be renting it.”


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