My First Doll Repaint(s)

Back in the middle of June, I was browsing Youtube when I found a subset of videos called “doll repaints.” I was immediately hooked. I watched some videos on the recommended supplies, and went out and bought what I needed. I tried to cut some corners cost-wise, so I didn’t buy any Mr. Super Clear at first, and simply used a spray fixative I used to seal some of my pencil artwork. My first doll was a Lagoona Blue doll that cost 5 bucks here she is below:

Image result for lagoona blue 2018

Not articulated at all, no detachable fins– completely budget Monster High.

I began work.


Alright… the face isn’t coming off. Maybe if I scrub harder?


…That’s not working either.

That’s when the thought hit me that I’m supposed to be using acetone to remove the face paint– not regular nail polish remover.


Much better.

So after a few hours, it’s beginning to get dark, and I’m working outside, so I need to wrap up the repaint. The results were:

image_123923953 (7)


You’re probably wondering why in the world her face is so shiny; well, remember that spray fixative I used? Well apparently spraying too liberally makes the face shiny. The face looks like I painted it with acrylics, and that’s actually because– as any doll customizer knows– Mr. Super Clear acts as a primer as well as a sealant. It gives the vinyl a bit of tooth so the color pencils have something to grip on to. Without that grip, I had to wet the tips of my pencils to get the pigment to show. This actually made the pencils wear down a lot quicker than if I hadn’t wet them at all. You can also see that the whites of her eyes aren’t defined at all due to the lack of a grippy primer.

All in all, it’s not a very good repaint, but if looked at with the context that it was a first attempt, it’s not too horrible.

Here’s attempt two:


As you can see, I am proof that someone can both improve, and regress at the same time. The eyes look better, but the blushing on the face is a lot worse. It makes her face look dirty which absolutely wasn’t the goal. The lips looks really good though. When I sent pictures to my friends, the lips were their favorites for both repaints (although I like the freckles more than the lips on my Lagoona Blue repaint.)

After my second repaint I decided that I was in love with the art and spent about 50 dollars on dolls and clothing for said dolls. Not too long after I started freaking out about how much money I spent and decided that I didn’t like doll repainting any more and returned everything. I was about to leave for vacation, and all the money I spent on dolls was weighing on the back of my mind which is probably why I freaked out. After all, I had spent most of my paycheck on dolls and other supplies to customize said dolls, so I didn’t have much to use for the vacation.

The funny thing was though, I stopped by a flea market, and one of the booths was selling a Rochelle Goyle doll that I had to force myself not to buy by telling myself I wasn’t interested in doll customizing. Oh what a fool I was.

I’ve gotten better at the whole repaint thing, and even started a Deviantart page to publish my work. I haven’t posted these repaints on there because, frankly, they’re a bit embarrassing, but I liked them when I first made them, so I suppose that’s all that really matters.

Click the link below for more (better) faceups!

More Faceups

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