Windblown Hair Doll Repaint

With yarn wigs, it’s very easy to get it to lay the way I wanted it to. When I first saw how well yarn wigs held their shape, I immediately wanted to make a wind blown looking wig. I had a Jane Boolittle doll that had really greasy hair, so I cut off her old hair, and made her something new!


I made the wig first since I was still new to making wigs and didn’t realize it would be easier to do the faceup first. I actually like how the first version of the wig came out. This faceup was probably the reason I started doing faceups before the hair.

I wrapped the hair in plastic wrap, and sprayed on a layer of Mr. Super Clear. Here’s the results of the first layer:


When I sprayed on the sealant, it was really humid outside since it had just rained, so I think that’s why the face is so shiny. After a few layers of MSC it ended up looking matte in the end which is always good.

Because I kept the hair wrapped up so long, it turned into a crazy mess, but I just took a wet (unused) toothbrush and styled it as closely to the original hair style as I could.


Once it was the way I wanted it, I covered the head in plastic wrap to set the hair style.


I wanted to show as much of the face and eyes as possible so I moved the hair away from the face. Here’s the final result!


I tried to get her to lean forward, but she would only put her hands on her knees. Oh well.


This is definitely one of my favorite faceups I’ve done! I think I only like one other doll more than this one, but it’s only by a small margin.

This was my first time styling a wig in such a funky way, but it came out looking really nice, and that’s all that matters!

Click the link below for more faceups!

More Faceups

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