Making a Wig Cap

When making a doll wig, it is usually advised to make a wig cap to make the wig removable from a doll. If you’re making a wig for a BJD, you’re definitely going to want to have a wig cap to protect the head of the doll. Making a wig cap is an easy and inexpensive endeavor.

First things you’re going to need are some glue, a paint brush (preferably cheap since it’s going to be used to apply glue), and some type of fabric. I used a sort of t-shirt type fabric from Johann’s. It was on sale, and not too thick or thin.


Here I have my model doll that I want to use for all my wig tutorials. I removed the hair wrapped a piece of plastic wrap over her head to protect her faceup. Make sure to secure it with a rubber band.


Next, you’re going to want to stretch a piece of your fabric over the doll’s head and secure it with a rubber band as well.


Using the glue of your choice (In my case Elmer’s), being brushing the glue over the fabric until it is evenly coated. Apply three coats in total.


Once the final layer has dried, draw in the hairline with a Sharpie or any other pen felt tipped pen.


Here, you can see I went around the ears and drew the hairline at the bottom of the head.


Cut along your guidelines and…


Voila! Now you can start making the actual wig!

Click the link below for more tutorials!

More Tutorials

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