Hair Clipped Back Wig Tutorial

Here’s my first wig tutorial! I figured I’d do an interesting, yet simple hairstyle that you can achieve without much experience in wig making!


Wrap your doll’s face in plastic wrap, and create a wig cap.

Glue a weft along the front of the dolls face.


Glue another weft along the part line to create the first half of the part. (I don’t know where the picture I took of the front bang went, just make sure you glue the bang on first before creating the part.)


Begin gluing on the opposite side of the part while the other side dries.



Once the first part has dried, clip the hair, and flip it to the other side of the head (I clipped the bangs as well to keep it separated as well).


Begin gluing on the other side.


Glue the second half of the part with the glued end folded down so it looks like this:


Push the second, newly glued weft as close to the middle of the part as possible to avoid any gaps.


Once everything dried, I pulled the bangs back and clipped them into place. Grab some of the hair glued to the wig cap so the hair stays in place.


Here’s the hair clipped from the back.


And here it is from the front…


And there you have it! Keep an eye out for any more future tutorials if you liked this one!

Click the link below for more tutorials!

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