Comparing Yarn Brands

When I first started making doll wigs, my first thought was, “okay, what yarn do I use?” I tried to look up blog posts that compared different brands, but there were very few, and the ones I could find were just so confusing with all the different hyperlinks and example pictures, that I just had to click off. I’ve previously bought yarn before my brief endeavor into crochet, so I had a basic idea of what yarn is good, but I really didn’t know what would be good for doll wigs until I dove in and tried it for myself.

Note: For all of the yarn I used the Michael’s prices (Hobby Lobby for one). Michael’s always has at least a 40% off coupon, so keep that in mind when looking at the prices.

Red Heart, Super Saver:


If you’ve done any work with yarn, you’ve probably used this brand. You get a lot for the price, it comes in lots of colors, but it’s rough– oh so rough. Unfortunately, the roughness does end up transferring to the yarn:


As you can see, there’s a sort of grain in the fabric. It’s rough as all get out too. One could probably make a case for buying it if it was significantly less expensive than the other yarn out there, but the drop in quality isn’t really worth the savings. Super Saver typically costs about $3.29 before the coupon. Despite being cheaper than the other brands, you shouldn’t use it if texture and softness is important to you.

The verdict: This yarn is not good. Avoid it if you can.


Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn:

I read about this brand in particular while trying to decipher which yarn is good, and decided to give it a try. The blog post claims it is the best yarn to make doll wigs with, and while I wouldn’t go that far, it definitely is a decent brand to use.


It is much better than the Super Saver since there’s only a tiny hint of a grain. I actually used this yarn in my Ghoulia wig– although it was mixed with Caron Simply Soft which I will cover in just a moment:


As you can see it’s very shiny. Most of the yarn I use has more of a satin finish, showing only a tiny bit of a glow, but this yarn just kicks you in the face with its shininess, but it could also just be the color. It’s also quite soft, much more so than the Super Saver. As you can see, it is $4.99, which is a little bit more expensive than the Super Saver.

The verdict: This yarn is good, but not great. You could make a wig out of it and it would look pretty good. This brand is a tiny bit more expensive than the others on this list, but I can’t quite say the up charge is worth it.


Caron, Simply Soft

I use this brand probably the most out of all my yarn. Most recently, I used it for my wig tutorial with Cleo De Nile, but I also used it for my Jane Boolittle repaint a few weeks ago. I would probably rank this as one of my favorite brands to use since it’s soft and looks great.


As you can see, it has a very wispy appearance. It costs about $4.49 which makes it a tiny bit cheaper than the I Love This Yarn. It also lasts a really long time. I’ve made tons of wigs with a skein of black yarn, and there’s still plenty left. There’s also plenty of colors– over 70.

The verdict: This yarn makes really good wigs. It looks greats, it’s soft, and it’s easy to work with.


Red Heart, Soft:

This yarn actually really surprised me when I first used it. Before being straightened, it’s a little bit rougher than the Simply Soft. Not a lot, just a tiny bit. Because of this, I was expecting it to not be as good as the Simply Soft or the I Love This Yarn, but it’s wonderful to work with. It ended up being extremely soft, as well as looking great.


It has a really nice texture as well. This yarn costs $5.49, making it a dollar more than the Simply Soft. It has a similar appearance to the Simply Soft, but something about it makes me really like it. While I personally really like this yarn, for others, the price might not be worth it.

Verdict: I would definitely recommend using this yarn, but it is a bit more expensive than the others I use.


Red Heart, Soft Essentials:

This is a bulkier yarn, but it’s still just as great as the regular Soft yarn.


What I like about the Soft Essentials is the bulk. It takes less time as well as less yarn to get enough to make a weft. While only saving a few minutes at a time, those really do add up if you’re making a ton of wefts, making the Soft Essentials a great time saving tool. It costs $5.49, the same as the Soft. It does have fewer colors, however, so both have their drawbacks.

Verdict: Definitely use this yarn. It’s soft and a good time saver, despite having fewer colors.img_3495

Lion Brand, Heartland:

I was a little skeptical about buying this particular yarn color since it has a sort of marbled appearance, but it actually gives it a fuller look. The actual yarn is pretty good too. The only problem is that it occasionally starts breaking apart. It’s easy to catch and if you stop pulling on it. Once you pause, you can actually just tie it and brush it out like any regular strand. This yarn costs $5.99, making it the most expensive yarn on this list. I like using it, but it’s definitely a steep price increase when you look at other brands like the Simply Soft. There are some unique colors that I’ve bought that I’ve really liked. I can’t seem to find them anywhere else, strangely enough.


It looks good, but the only plus of this brand are the pretty colors.

The verdict: This yarn is a bit of a mixed bag. It looks good, it has a good texture and colors, but it breaks apart, making me wonder if the price is really worth it.


Loops and Threads, Joy Dk

This is the first time I’ve used ombre yarn, and it’s quite nice. Aside from the pretty colors, this is a pretty good yarn to use. Much like many of the other brands of yarn on this list, it’s soft and not very grainy. This yarn is sold in a ball, so it took a while to find one of the ends, making this yarn a little annoying.


This yarn runs for $4.49. It doesn’t comes in a decent amount of colors (14 solid, 7 ombre) but the colors it does came in are really pretty. The ombre yarn comes in some really pretty combinations that could make some interesting pallets for wigs.

The verdict: This is a pretty good yarn. It comes in some really pretty colors, and despite the fact that it’s wrapped in a ball, I would still recommend it.


Lion Brand yarn: Vanna’s Choice

This yarn is disappointing. I bought it and realized it looked and felt a lot like Super Saver.

I was right. It’s almost exactly like Super Saver. This yarn costs $3.99, making it more expensive than the Red Heart, but no better in quality.


This yarn is grainy, and rough, and disappointing.

Verdict: Avoid this yarn. Don’t go near it. Don’t even touch it.


Loops and Threads, Soft and Shiny

This yarn is, indeed, soft as well as shiny. Even in the skein, it’s very soft. I would like it, except for the fact that it was a bit hard to work with. I’ll post an update if that was just an error on my part, but so far, I’ve had trouble with it. This yarn costs $3.99, the same as Vanna’s Choice.


It looks a bit thin, but that might have been due to the fact that I had trouble working with it. I wish this yarn was a bit better. I would use it all the time if it was easier to work with.

The verdict: The yarn is soft, but hard to work with. This wouldn’t be my first choice of yarn to use unless you want some soft, cheap yarn to start making wigs with.

In conclusion, the only yarn I really can’t recommend is Red Heart Super Saver and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice. Both are terrible for yarn wigs, and shouldn’t be used if it can be avoided.

For beginner/ starter yarn, I would recommend Loops and Threads Soft and Shiny.

If you’re looking to only use one brand of yarn, I’d go with Caron Simply Soft.

The best value is the Simply Soft.

If you want a yarn that’ll quickly make wefts, go with the Soft Essentials.

Using Red Heart Soft is really just a personal preference for me. I really like it, but if you can’t get past the price, there’s really no reason to buy it.

The most expensive yarn is the Lion Brand Heartland.

The least expensive yarn is Red Heart Super Saver.

Pretty much all of these brands have really nice colors. Heartlands have some really pretty marbled colors which are nice. The Joy DK ones are pretty too.

My favorite yarn would have to be the Super Soft and my least favorite, Vanna’s Choice.

Let me know if there are any other brands you’d like to see, or if you’ve tried any of these brands out!

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