Wind blown Hair Tutorial

This particular hairstyle shows how useful yarn wigs can be. They’re much easier style and hold their shape better. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make my first yarn wig!

I used the color Cotton Candy Blue for this wig. Click to check it out!


Here I have a Frankie Stein doll. First, I made the wig cap.


You’re going to want to choose the spot where the wind hits the hair the most. Start gluing the wefts around this spot.


These wefts that mark the ‘wind spot’ are mostly going to get pulled to the front.


Now, you’re going to want to start gluing wefts under the wind spot facing the opposite way.


Once the hair dries, start gluing on the opposite end.


Once those dry, move the hair out of the way and start gluing on the top of the head.


There we go!


Look over the wig and make sure you fill in any bald spots you find. Follow the movement of the hair so it looks natural.


And here’s the finished product!



Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial, and keep an eye out for future tutorials!

Click the link below for more tutorials!

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