Middle Part with Bangs Tutorial

Bangs is a common hairstyle everyone should know how to make. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a wig with bangs.


First, make yourself a wig cap.


Make your part line. For this tutorial, we’re putting it in the middle.


Glue a weft along the front of the face.


Continue gluing wefts along the edge of the wig cap.


Clip the bangs so you know which hair to cut.


Once that dries, cut to the desired length.


Start filling the empty part of the head in.


I had a spot where the part didn’t meet the bangs, so I filled it in.


Once everything dries, clip your part and flip it over.


Begin filling in the other side of the head.


Once you reach the top of the head, glue in the part.


Clip the part, and flip it over once it’s dry.


For this doll, the hair was a bit fluffy, so I tamed it by putting plastic wrap over the head and secure it with a rubber band. Leave it in for a few hours or overnight.


Here’s the hair after I removed the plastic wrap.


After styling a little bit, here’s the finished result!

I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more repaints or wig tutorials!

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