Twyla Repaint

I recently bought a lot of 6 Monster High heads off of EBay. The hair was unfortunately really greasy, but the faces were all of a decent quality. This Twyla head was one of the main reasons I bought the lot.


Here’s the first two layers. I used a sorta grayish pink for the blush and lips. Usually I make the eyes complimentary with the skin. For Twyla, her skin is purple so I used yellow, as you can see. I find that it makes the eyes the focal point of the face which creates a really nice balance throughout.

I planned on giving her a similar hair color as the original, so I tried to match her eyebrows with it, but I don’t have a pencil that’s the exact color so I always struggle with the minty/sea foam green colors; however, I decided to do a grayish-blue colors, so oh well.


In the subsequent layers, I built up more color on the face, as well as playing with the eyebrows. I really didn’t like how the eyebrows turned out, but it’s okay.


I added highlights in the eyes, and added glaze.


Now onto the wig! I made a wig cap to begin with.

Woo, sudden environment change! I was with family for Thanksgiving, so I took my doll stuff with me to get a little work done.

I used the color Blueberry Muffin for this wig. Click here to check it out!


I made the part off to the left side of the face.


We’re going to pull the hair over to the other side of the head, so glue the wefts facing the back of the head. Let it dry.


Glue the wefts in a similar way to the one of my other doll wigs.


Then I glued in the second half of the part.


Start gluing wefts across the head. Let these dry.


Flip over the second half of the part. Here’s the result!


I thought the hair was sticking up a bit too much, so I wrapped her head in plastic wrap and secured it with a rubber band to try and tame it.


The hair pretty much looks the same, but I think it made the hair sit down a little bit.


After a little bit of styling, this is the finished result! I think the eyebrows look much better with this hair color. They should probably be darker since eyebrows usually match the color of your roots, but it’s fine. I’m really happy with the way this doll came out! I can’t wait to get a body for her so I can put her on my shelf!

Click the link below for more faceups!

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