Obitsu Doll Faceup

I’ve finally done it. I bought a real ball-jointed doll. I feel so accomplished.

In reality, I bought this doll months ago, and finished the faceup a long time ago, but just recently finished the hair and got the clothes.

I used a Kay face, and a 27 cm tall, medium, soft bust body from Parabox. They make vinyl dolls and faces, making them much more affordable than Minifee or other porcelain and resin dolls (Not that I wouldn’t buy a Minifee doll in a heartbeat if I could).


Here she is in all her blank glory. For some reason the neck joint is a little loose, so it made her head turn that way, but I actually really like the pose. I tried to replicate it in the final posing of the doll.


I bought some blind eyes from a seller on Etsy and this happened while I was trying to get the eye out. Unfortunately, I did not leave it like that.


The back of the head screws out so you can put the eyes in, so I took out the back of the head, and stuck the rest of it on a pike so I could spray it with Mr. Super Clear.


Here’s the finished faceup. It’s a bit plain, but I feel like it went with the fact that she is blind, so there’s really no reason for her to be caked in makeup. I just did some mild blushing, and a little bit of eyeliner.

I used the color Hot Chocolate from my shop. Click here to check it out!


Here’s the wig before I flipped the part.


I pulled the hair forward and used an eyebrow razor to match the short length of the other side of the head.


The hair was springing up, so I wrapped her head in plastic wrap to get it to stay down. I try not to keep it one for too long since you’ll get a result similar to this.


Here’s the hair after being covered in plastic for about an hour. I used a wet toothbrush to brush the hair down a little more.


And here she is! Yes, she will have clothes. I bought some over a month ago and they still haven’t gotten here. The store reviews said to expect long shipping times, so it’s not too much of a surprise, but it definitely makes me wish I liked to sew.

I’ve decided to name her Mira. That name just seems to suit her. I’ll post an update when I finally get the clothes, but for now, that’s all I have!

Click the link below for more faceups!

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