Attempting to Sculpt a Doll Head

I wanted to make some different size wigs but didn’t have any different sized heads, so I figured I’d make my own! I’m not going to do a faceup on these so I didn’t sculpt the eyes, ears, or lips.


I found a tutorial somewhere that used aluminum foil for the basic shape of the head, so that’s what I did here.


Here’s the sculpt from the front.


I cut part of the head off since I thought it was a bit too long, and then I started sculpting!


You don’t have to worry about getting the face completely smooth during the sculpting phase since you can sand it down once it’s dry.


And here’s the dry head! Now to start sanding.



The head is pretty smooth which is what I was aiming for.


The rest of the face is a little bumpy, but I smoothed out the area where I’ll be making the wig cap so it comes out okay. I spread the clay really thin, so there were spots where it all got sanded away. It’s pretty much evenly sanded though.

This was actually a really fun thing to try out! I’ve wanted to make my own custom dolls from scratch for a while, and I think this was a great first step! Stay tuned if you enjoyed reading!

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