Draculaura Faceup


Here’s the first layer. Yes, I do add the iris in the next coat; lately I’ve been forgetting to add it in for some reason.

I was kinda going for a candy aesthetic that I tried to achieve a while ago: 9b3295c5-2465-4292-b8da-0e36e97634bd-4278-00000123f93dbf0f_file

This was back when I didn’t have Mr. Super Clear, so it was a lot harder to make the colored pencil look good. Plus, the fixative I used made everything shiny.


After the first layer, the next are all about defining shapes and building color. I’ve just been making the lips brighter, the whites whiter, and the blacks darker.


I originally wanted to do a half blue, half pink hairstyle straight down the middle, but I decided to do it off to the side. I marked it on the wig cap since it’ll be hidden.

For the wig, I used the color Millennial Pink from my shop! Click to check it out!


I tried to curl the hair in individual locks and glued them to the head. I didn’t have a dowel or anything without paint on it. The paint ended up melting a little bit and the hair would stick to it, making the curls not come out very well.


I finally bought a dowel for the left side of the hair, and I also decided to do all pink!


When I first finished the hairstyle, I was a little iffy about the style, but I styled it a little bit and now it looks great!


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more faceups and tutorials!

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