Mia Fey Custom Doll Repaint

Mia Fey is a character from Ace Attorney. My friend wanted a doll of her, and I was happy to comply!

I used an Ever After High Raven doll, and for some reason, all the dolls have big heads. Mia has more realistic proportions (Not anatomically correct, per se, but more realistic than a fashion doll), so the head really bothered me. I had heard of head shrinking in some of the doll videos I watched, so I figured I’d try it out. I shrunk the head before I started writing this post, so I can’t show the process, but I’ll cover how to shrink heads in a different blog post.

To show the difference in the heads here’s a comparison between a regular Raven head, and the shrunken head:img_3566

While the head is much smaller, it looks really nice on the body; you can’t even tell that it wasn’t originally the size it is:


It looks really good on the body! I’m very happy with the results of shrinking the head. But now, onto the faceup!


Here’s the first couple of layers. I tried to match the Ace Attorney style, but I hated how it looked, so I started over.


For some reason, after shrinking the head, the plastic became harder, making it feel less like vinyl, and more like the plastic that makes of the body of the doll. It was very strange. It got so bad, I couldn’t even push the head onto the neck joint; I had to use water, which had some terrifying consequences…

While wiping the water off of the doll, part of the pencil started smearing, even though I’m pretty sure I sprayed the face with Mr. Super Clear. It was very odd. Needless to say, I was too distraught to take a picture.


I quickly darkened the colors in an attempt to fix the damage done to the face. Luckily, the smearing erased away and I could bring the face back to its former glory. Here it is right before I sprayed the final coat of Mr. Super Clear on it.


While applying the gloss, the paint smeared again. This time I know I applied the Mr. Super Clear on it! This faceup was a little frustrating.


I whipped out my acetone, wiped the smears away, and ditched applying the gloss again. At this point, I was pretty much done with this annoyance of a face, so I added eyeshines and moved onto the hair.

I used the color Espresso from my shop. Click to check it out!


I added the first half of the part…


Started filling the hair in…


Applied hair all around the back…


And flipped the part over once it dried, then filled in the other half of the head! Mia’s hair looked like the left side had been pulled back a little bit, so I tried to mimic that with the doll by using the same technique for applying parts. I glued hair along the hair line, facing the opposite way of the rest of the hair, waited for it to dry, and then flipped it back! I also added Mia’s scarf. I didn’t make the magatama or the earrings since I’m not very experienced with sculpting.


As you can see, the doll isn’t an exact replica of Mia, but I think it does it’s job pretty decently. I tried to match the clothes as closely as possible, but only managed to find a bedazzled half jacket and a little dress that actually matched perfectly! I couldn’t really draw in the Ace Attorney style since it doesn’t really transfer well to dolls.


But overall, I’m pretty much in love with this doll. I think it’s the hair that really sold me on her, but I get so happy when I look at her. I’m going to have to come to terms with giving her away, but it’ll teach me a valuable life lesson:

Don’t give your friends dolls as presents.

Click the link below for more faceups!

More Faceups

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