Lagoona Blue Goldfish Repaint

I had the idea for this repaint for a long time. I’m so glad I finally got around to finishing her!

Goldfish Goil

Here’s the concept drawing for her. I had the brilliant idea to make a coat and some shorts, but then I remembered that I hated sewing. At least I realized before I started making it…


Here’s the first layer. I usually do the blush on the first layer, but I had a hard time getting a good color for the blush, so I just put down the line work and the freckles.


In the next layer, I added the lip color and chose a nice orange color for the eyeshadow. I decided not to add any blushing to the face since the freckles take up most of the cheek area.


After a few layers of color, I put the final layer of sealant, and added the paint from the concept drawing.


I added the highlights…


And put some gloss on the eyes and lips.


Now to get the black for the hair. Here, I’m going to use soft pastels to dye the hair black.


Get a napkin and go over the hair with the soft pastels.


Get an (unused) toothbrush and brush the area where the pastel meets the hair. There will most likely be a hard line; brush the area until it is fully blended. Once you’re done, straighten it out like you normally would. It’s important to apply the pastel before straightening the hair since the heat makes the pastels permanently bond to the hair.


After creating enough wefts, I made a wig cap.


I glued the hair on normally, and here we go! I’m not completely sure that I like the hair color, but if I finally decide whether I hate it or not, I’ll just remake the wig. I painted the body using acrylic paints. I slightly watered down the white in an attempt to hide the paint strokes. I also tried to use matte varnish, but every time I use it, the body always comes out shiny. I want a refund.


I really enjoyed this repaint! I had a couple hiccups with the matte varnish, and the hair color, but overall, I don’t regret having her on my shelf!

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