C. A. Cupid Repaint

Here’s another doll head from the lot I bought! This time, we’re working on C. A. Cupid! I’ve always loved the sorta lace-y look of her hands and feet, so I was ecstatic when I was able to buy a body from Ebay in pretty good condition!


Here’s the first layer. I just put down some basic colors. For this repaint, instead of making her eyes green, pink’s complimentary color, I decided to go with a nice rose color. I wanted a very warm looking face, and the rose color helped with that.

Also, I never realized how sunken in her eyes were until I took her face paint off. It’s hard to tell when there’s actually paint on her face. Also also, her face is shaped likea heart and that is the cutest thing ever.


Here’s the finished face. I made the highlights in her eyes shaped like hearts to emphasize the fact that this is Cupid we’re painting. After spraying one final layer of Mr. Super Clear, I put some gloss over her lips and eyes.


And here she is in her outfit, still wigless. Let’s fix that.


I curled the hair similarly to my one of my other repaints, but here I made the hair a lot shorter.


As per usual, I was a little iffy about how the curls turned out, but after looking at her on my shelf for a while, I think this was a very successful repaint!

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