Attempting a French Braid

I really like French Braids. My hair is too short to braid my own hair, so I shall live out my aesthetic through my dolls. I used the color Cotton Candy Blue from my shop for this wig. Click to check it out!


I started by making a wig cap.


I marked off the part and the bangs. I wanted to make the bangs kinda thick so they lay flush with the hair.


I started filling in the bangs. I use a hair clip to keep them separate from the rest of the hair.


While waiting for the bangs to dry, I start gluing the hair in a similar way to a different repaint. It’s easier to style if the wefts follow the movement of the hair.


Once everything was glued, I looked up a Youtube tutorial to figure out how exactly to braid the hair (I’ve had short hair for a while). I’m very happy that I can just look up hair tutorials to figure out how to style hair. It’s very useful.

So I braided the hair according to the tutorial, and here are the finished results!img_3817img_3818img_3819

This side of the head is a little wonky since that’s where I started with the braid, but as I went on, I got a bit better at braiding!

I really like how this wig came out! I’ll have to work a little on how to glue the hair, and I’ll have to practice braiding, but for a first try it’s not too bad!

To see some of my faceups, click here!

Click here to see some of my wig tutorials!

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