When Vicarious Living Goes Wrong…

Another hairstyle I like but can’t wear myself since I have short hair! If only it had turned out better… I used the color Cotton Candy Blue from my shop. If only this wig had turned out better :/


I started making a wig cap. This was my first mistake. I had turned it inside out since the other side had been marked up way too much. Little did I know this made the wig cap really slippery which caused me a lot of pain and suffering.


I used Mozekyto’s space bun tutorial, so I loosely followed that. I should’ve done two buns…


I glued a weft along the front of the face.


I then glued wefts along the rest of the wig, following the edge of the wig cap.


I filled in, leaving this spot open since the rest of the head was pretty thick. This was one of the few things that didn’t mess up.


I pulled hair into a ponytail. I began to have bad feelings about this wig.


I twisted the ponytail and wrapped it around the base of the ponytail.


…And secured it with a clear rubber band.


I am very disappointed.


I am very disappointed.


What happened? I thought this was gonna look so good! I was excited…

Okay, so I think what happened was I used too much hair. The hair around the scalp is kinda bulging, which could be too much hair or just the fact that I didn’t lay the hair right. I’ll have to work on this. But for right now, have some links:

Click the links below for more of my work:


Wig Tutorials

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