Trying to create a Dutch Crown

I always wondered what this hairstyle was called, but after typing in “crown hairstyle” I know! This hairstyle is pretty much a French braid with some Bobby pins, so it’s a bit familiar for me, but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped it would.

I was on vacation while creating this wig, so that’s why we’re in a different setting.

But now, let’s get to the braid! I used the color Cotton Candy Blue for this wig. Click to check it out!


I started by making a wig cap, and marked the part. I then glued hair on one side of the face.


I glued hair along the back of the head as well.


I finished by gluing hair on the other side of the head and glued the part on.


I then began to braid starting at the top of the head. I used a tutorial to figure out how to braid the hair. It’s braided similar to a french braid, but starts higher on the head.


Once done, I pulled the braid across the head, but the part was really fighting with me which made the right side of the head bulge.


I tried to redo the braid, but it just made it worse. Figuring that any more tweaking would just make it look worse, I bit the bullet and sewed the braid onto the wig cap.


To try and combat the bulging, I tried to sew it down. It kinda worked, but as you’ll see in the final pictures, it didn’t completely fix the mess that came before it…


As you can see, the front of the head is a bit sloppy.


The side and back aren’t too terrible, though.


So there you have it! Next time I make this hairstyle, it’ll probably look better. In the meantime, enjoy my failure!


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