How to Make Fishtail Braid

I’m on a braid kick right now, so let’s get started! For this tutorial, I used the color Blue Cotton Candy from my shop! Click to check it out!

Start by making a wig cap and marking the part.

Begin to glue the hair down. Start by gluing the hair along the bottom of the wig cap, working your way to the top as you can see in the picture.

Glue some hair normally to cover up the glued parts of the wig.

Begin to glue in the part once the glue is completely covered by the hair.

Once the part is done, you can begin with the braid!

And also, I returned from my vacation, so that’s why there’s a sudden change in the setting.

Brush the hair out with an unused toothbrush to make it all nice and smooth.

Separate the hair into two sections.

Take a little bit of hair from one side…

And cross it over to the other side.

Hold onto the other parts of the hair and grab a little piece of hair from the other side.

Cross it over on the other side.

Repeat, making sure to hold the braid nice and tight.

Once finished, hold on to the end and secure it with a clear elastic.

And there you have it!

I’m glad I finally got the hang of braiding hair! If you enjoyed this tutorial, stay tuned for future posts!

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