Obitusu Repaint: Abel and Maria

The holiday season comes with a myriad of gifts. Two of mine were boy and girl Obitsu dolls, both 27 cm! I couldn’t paint them immediately since I was on vacation, and I was waiting to receive the clothes I had ordered. In the meantime, I took some pictures of the dolls in all their naked glory.


I put Maria’s pants on when I opened her up, but those were terrible: they tore up immediately after I got them, so that was a waste. They didn’t fit well, either.


While I was playing with Abel, much to my initial horror, I realized that his torso came off.


I found this fact a bit too funny…


Maria did not.


It took a few weeks for me to get Abel and Maria’s clothes, but once I did, I got right to work on their faces! Here’s the first layer for Abel.


I decided that Abel and Maria would be dating early on, so I tried to give him a smiling face. A lot of boy faces (Or at least the ones for Obitsu dolls anyway) come with neutral faces, but Abel’s happy. He’s in love, and I’m totally showing my hopeless romantic side.

I usually use a lot of reds when I’m blushing my dolls, but for this one I used more oranges and browns for his face. It really created more of the look I wanted.


For the next layer I darkened the eyebrows, and went over the blushes as well. I put his eyes in and put his shirt back on.


Before making the wig for Abel, I posed him and Maria. I took a picture to better match it once I’m finished.


To begin with the wig, I lovingly wrapped Abel’s head in plastic.


In between making the wig cap, I worked on Maria’s face. I went back to using reds for the face.


Here she is with her eyes in!


And now we’re back to Abel!


While brainstorming ideas for his hairstyle, I found this picture that I really liked. I can’t seem to find the original source for this image since it’s all over the internet, but it is, at the very least, not mine.


To get that shorter, sort of under-layer of the hair, I pulled a chunk of hair from a weft and glued the very end of it to the head. I then cut it off, and glued it down.


Using the little pieces made the hair look uneven, so I applied glue over the hair and applied a long strip of hair along the top.


I had to wait for the glue to dry to trim the hair so in the meantime, I started working on the other side.


Here’s Abel with the bottom layer of his hair done! It doesn’t look good at all initially which seems to be a running theme with his hairstyle, but I’m very happy with the end result!


The reference hairstyle I used had a bit of a curl at the ends of the hair, so I curled the ends of Abel’s hair and glued them down.


After the curly hair was glued down, I glued straight hair on top to calm down the curls. I wanted a more wavy hairstyle, rather than curly.


Here’s what he looks like so far. He’s a bit of a hot mess. I wait until the straight hair dries to soften the ends of it with my eyebrow razor.


I glued some more straight hair along the middle of the hairstyle for some reason. I guess to build up volume? I dunno.

It was actually at this point that I realized I had completely done the hairstyle wrong. I had glued hair all around the head with plans of bringing it together in the middle when I should have glued hair at the front of the head and pushed it back. I’ve never styled a real dude’s hair nor a fake’s, so I’m a little rusty. In the end I just decided to pull it over to one side.


I lovingly wrapped another sheet of plastic wrap around Abel’s head to make the hair stay down. I’ve realized while working with short hair that it is really hesitant to stay down. I had to keep his head wrapped for many hours and even then I had to use a wet toothbrush to tame his hair!


Here’s his hairstyle after the plastic wrap and toothbrush treatment. His eye fell out at some point so I had to fish it out of his skull. I’m kinda digging it, but that might just be the dread of having to take the back of his head out that’s speaking. I don’t mind putting the eyes in, but it’s the fact that it’s really hard to put the back of the head back into the doll. A lot of the times, the pressure of pushing it into the head makes an eye move around or pop out all together. Abel’s eyes were pretty much in the perfect position, so one of them falling out wasn’t a welcome sight.

I love Obitsu dolls, but it’s days like these that make me wish they had those heads that have a magnetic back. Those are way more expensive though.


With Abel done, I turned my attention to Maria! I had wanted to branch out to different wig colors, so I asked my mom what color she thought would look pretty for Maria’s hair, and she said coral. I tried it and it didn’t look too great, as you can see.


So I ripped it out and went with boring brown! In other news, I made a bun that I like! Last time hadn’t been too great, so I’m glad I found something that looks good!


Here are some vanity shots of Maria. I love the eyes that I bought for my dolls, but I feel like the irises are really big on Maria. I don’t know why they’re so large, but in some angles they make Maria look like the whites of her eyes are brown.


It’s not that bad from far away though!


Or close up. I suppose I might be over exaggerating.


I took the plastic off of Abel’s head and posed him with Maria! The original pose didn’t work as well as I hoped it would due to the fact that Abel was staring lovingly at Maria’s neck rather than her face… I tried to get him to look up, but he couldn’t move his head much, so I had to rethink the pose. I actually like this one a bit more though!


Here they are on my shelf!

Fun fact: I never buy shoes for my dolls. I don’t know why. I only have two dolls that actually have shoes and they came with both of them.


Either way, I’m very happy with how my faceups turned out!

In other news: my shop’s opening the first weekend of February, and anyone subscribed to my email list gets access to the opening weekend sale a day early as well as an exclusive coupon! You can buy the wefts that I used to make these great hairstyles! You’ll save a ton of time making the wefts yourself meaning you have more time to devote to something else!

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