How to Curl Wig Wefts

I’ve curled wefts in a couple other blog posts, but I’ve never shown how to curl them. I’ve been trying to perfect the technique since I’ve been a bit iffy on the wigs I actually curled, but I’ve finally figured out how to curl them correctly.

For this tutorial, I used the color Candy Apple Red from my shop! Click to check it out!


First, pull off a small piece of the weft.


Wrap the hair around a wooden dowel. I’ve tried to use pencils or anything else, but the paint always seems to stick to the hair, messing it up. Dowels can be found pretty much everywhere and they’re not very expensive.


Get out your hair straightener,


And hold it over the wrapped part of the hair.


It should look like this! Continue to curl wefts until you have enough for your doll wig!


You wefts should look something like this!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you tried this yourself, take a picture of it and tag me on Instagram: @Athena_Paints! I’d love to see how your wig came out!

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