Venus McFlytrap Repaint

I’m finally posting a doll repaint! Yay!


For the first layer, I was in a different location. I return back to my normal, messy desk in the next picture!

I started by drawing in the eyes as well as the lips and freckles. I added them all over the face, rather than just across the cheeks. Since I was moving around, I used my regular, oil based Faber Castell colored pencil, and ooooooh boy. People said not to use oil based pencils because they stain, and I didn’t believe them until I tried to work on the left eye. You can kinda see the line that I erased. This faceup was a little rough in certain areas.

Once I got home, I darkened the lines and made the freckles more noticeable. This took a couple layers.

Once the face was sealed, I started gluing the hair on. I glued long wefts on and cut them to my desired length. I used the eyebrow razors to soften the hard edges and make them look more natural. I then used a (unused) toothbrush and some water to get the hairstyle to sit down.

And here’s the finished product! I added a highlight on the eye, and finished up the doll!

I’m really happy with the way this doll came out! I wasn’t sure how well the hairstyle would look once I finished, but I’m really happy with the result! I’ve made an asymmetrical bob before, and it didn’t look nearly this good. I suppose that’s because it was my first time making such a wig, but I’m glad I’ve grown!

I’ve opened my shop, so if you’d like to try making your own doll wigs, click here! I’m offering free domestic shipping for people who live in the United States!

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