2019 Tax Refund Haul

I got my refund really early this year, but with it came a whole lotta dolls. I bought a total of three separate lots as well as one loose doll.

I bought these blank dolls from Etsy on a whim. I paid a total of 36 dollars for 6 dolls. It didn’t occur to me until after I bought the lot, but I got a blank Kiyomi doll! It was quite the stroke of luck since lots with her in them are either on auction or really expensive, and buying just one of her is pretty expensive as well even if it’s not a very good quality doll. I was very happy with this purchase.

When I put the Frankie Stein head on her body, I noticed that the colors didn’t match up. The body is more of a light teal color, while the head is a grayish-mint green. I suspect that the body was from one of the new, cheaper dolls since the arms aren’t articulated. The head is probably one of the older dolls since the color is closer to my other Frankie Stein dolls I use to make wigs.

The next lot I bought was this lot of 5 for about 28 dollars. I mainly bought it for the doll on the far right. You can push a button on her brain to make her eyes change. But this lot as a whole is a really good one. The CAM on the far left is one I’ve never seen before, and it isn’t made up of Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, and Draculaura (You can see in my blank doll lot, I got a Frankie, Lagoona, and Draculaura). I literally have at least five Draculaura dolls, five or six Clawdeens, and four or five Lagoonas, so this lot made me very happy as well.

Here’s the doll that changes eyes. Her face is made of the same plastic as her body, so I’m probably not gonna repaint her– just give her a wig.

Here are her different eyes. This hellfire and brimstone setting was not in any of the pictures so it scared the crap out of me when it was the first set of eyes it changed to.

I think the hearts are my favorite. I like the blue cat eyes, but they remind me a lot of Catrine’s eyes and I already have her on display so I don’t need another cat eyed doll.

This is the final lot I bought for 33 dollars. I’ve wanted all of these dolls for such a long time so I was willing for the significant price difference between this lot and the others I bought.. Elissabat was my most anticipated, but Vipirine Gorgon was surprisingly my favorite. I didn’t realize how pretty her factory paint is so I went and bought a better quality one off Ebay.

All of the dolls I bought with the exception of all the bald dolls and the Venus McFlytrap doll had really greasy hair. Both Honey Swamps’ hair is really curly so it’s not as noticeable so I might just go ahead and put one of her on display.

I also bought a higher quality Kiyomi doll for 21 dollars and I have to say, she feels brand new. Her hair was neat and soft with not a hint of grease. She’s missing her hairclip and purse, but I can always buy them off of Ebay if I so desire. This doll is absolutely beautiful. With her, you can’t really imagine how great she looks until you have her in your hands. The colors are great, I love her face sculpt, and her clothes are so pretty. She was worth every penny.

So here’s the doll lot lineup. I got 15 dolls in total. I also ordered tons of doll clothes, but you’ll see those when I repaint all these lovely dolls 😉

Stay tuned!

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