Rochelle Goyle Repaint

Rochelle Goyle is probably one of my favorite Monster High dolls. I just love the cement flecks in her skin, her face sculpt, and her ears! She’s great. I have a Rochelle doll that I have on display, but I received another one that had really greasy hair.


So I started the first layer by drawing in the eyes and blushing the lips.


The next few layers built up colors I had a bit of trouble with the eyes though. They look a little cross-eyed which is a little frustrating.


Her eyes looked better once I applied the highlights.


I made a wig cap, and to cut out the ears, I cut the tips, then cut along the line I made.


For some reason, the wig cap seemed to gap. It’s not very noticeable on the finished wig, though, which is good. For the wig colors, I used Pink Cotton Candy, and Mint Taffy. Click to check them out!


Here’s the finished doll! I really like how she came out! I love the hair especially. Her ears are kinda hidden since the hair is so big, so I might need to put some plastic wrap on her head to tame it a little, but over all she is great and I love her!

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