Clawdeen Wolf Repaint

I have a ton of Clawdeen’s from the various doll lots I have bought in the past. This is the second repaint I have done of her (The first was for a Christmas gift that I didn’t write a blog on) and I really love her facesculpt! She’s lots of fun to paint.

I tried to do something different with the eyelashes by drawing the lower lashes in I guess a more cartoony (?) style. They’re bigger and it’s easier to make out the different lashes.

After spending a few more layers brightening the colors, I got to work on the wig. All of my Clawdeen dolls have broken necks for some reason, and it only occurred to me to just take the head off of the broken neck doll, fix the neck, and put this doll’s head on it after I had gotten all of the pictures, so oh well! I’ll get along to putting her on her correct body sooner or later.

I didn’t want Clawdeen to have stick straight or extremely styled hair, so I separated the strands of my Espresso hair color (Click to check it out) and glued it directly to the wig cap.

I was originally going to do a bun, but it was too big, so after the glue dried, I started moving the hair around to see if I could get a style I liked.

It took a bit, but here she is!

I was a little iffy about her at first because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the faceup or the hair, but I think I’ve come around to her! She’s a pretty gal!

I’ve opened my shop, so if you’d like to try making your own doll wigs, click here! I’m offering free domestic shipping for people who live in the United States!

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