Kiyomi Haunterly Repaint

Gosh, I haven’t posted anything in so long. I apologize for doing that to you all. I’m going to try to be a bit more consistent. I’ll probably start doing hair tutorials again so I can get back into the groove of posting. I have another repaint I’ve been working on so that’s another post. Anyway, enough apologizing, let’s get to the actual content:

I managed to snag a blank Kiyomi in one of my recent doll hauls which was very exciting. I have a Kiyomi with her original factory paint that I keep for display, but I still wanted one to repaint since it would be really fun. So here she is!


As with every first layer, I laid down some basic colors and shapes. For some reason, I couldn’t get the pink colored pencils to stick to the vinyl so I had to use pastels for the base color. I also drew some tiny cherry blossoms on the right side of her face, but you can’t see them on the first layer.


For the subsequent layers, I darkened and brightened colors layer by layer. The cherry blossoms are actually visible and the eyes are bright and pretty! Recently, I’ve noticed that my dolls’ eyes are beginning to look a bit washed out and end up getting overpowered by the hair as well as the highlights in the eyes, so in this repaint as well as my Gigi Grant repaint coming up, I applied more layers of colored pencil to make sure the eyes can pop!

After this layer, I began to make the wig! I used my Pink Cotton Candy color from my shop. Click to check it out!


While I liked this length, I wanted the hair a bit shorter, so I trimmed the hair. Unfortunately, it revealed the thickness of the hair. I had glued a bit too much hair to the wig cap which is not a big deal with longer wigs, but is extremely noticeable when you have shorter wigs. I tried to use some plastic wrap to tame her hair,


Here’s the end wig. I’m a bit iffy on the wig, so I’ll probably redo it in the future, but for now I’ll look for an outfit for her and put her on my shelf!

I opened my Etsy shop, so click the link if you’re interested. I’m selling kits now so if you’re interested in getting started with wig making, go check them out!

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