Trying to make Cupcake Buns

I found the cutest cupcake hairstyle the other day and I was captivated! I immediately got to work figuring out how to make it doll sized.

Before we start, let’s go over the colors used. The color on the right is Lavender Cream, and the color on the left is Purple Frosting. Click to check them out!


I gave this wig bangs, so I marked them in. I also marked the middle of the wig since I’m doing a two-toned wig. This will also serve as the part line, so that is what I will refer to it as for the rest of this post.


I marked the middle of both sections as well.


Then I began to fill in the bottom of the bangs section. Just glue along the edge of the cap until you get to the end of the marked off bangs section.


I continued to glue along the edge of the cape until I finished the first half of the wig.


I stopped once I got to the part line.


Then I filled in the rest of the bangs section. I clipped this section with a small hair clip so I could keep track of it.


Then I glued wefts along the line I made in the middle of the first section. Then I glued along the part line.


Then I began to glue hair on the other side of the wig. I added the part afterwards.


I glued wefts along the edge of the cap again until I got to the part line.


Then I filled in the rest of the bangs and glued along the middle line.


I finished this half by gluing one more weft along the part line.


After that, I glued the first half of the part facing the opposite way of the rest of the hair. I wait until I’ve finished the second half of the hair so I can save a bit of time and make the process more streamlined.


And to finish, glue the second half of the part facing the opposite way of the rest of the hair.


Once everything dried, I pulled each side of the head into a pony tail.


I twisted the hair somewhat tight…


And wrapped it into the shape of a bun.


Here’s what the wig looked like after both buns were finished.


I wanted to have two pieces of hair that were longer than the rest of the bangs, so I took little sections of either side of the bangs and clipped them behind the doll to keep them out of the way.


Then I began to shave away at the hair. I used an eyebrow razor to get a softer edge.


The bangs look a bit too long, so I shave them down some more.


Much better! I shaved the longer pieces of hair as well.


Now to make the cupcake tin! I cut a strip of paper.


I used a paper crimper to get the scalloped edges of the tin.


I fed the paper through the bottom gear…


And here we go! I cut the paper in half so it’s short enough to wrap around the bun.


I put a little dot of glue on a tiny pom pom and glue it to the top of each of the buns to look like cherries.


I wrapped the paper around the bun and put a little glue on the white side of one of the ends of the paper so it would stay put.


Here’s the right side


And here’s the left! The right bun looks better than the left, so I really need to work on mkaing them both look more consistent with each other.


I hope you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun making this wig and I’ll have an actual tutorial out once I get better at making this wig. Stay tuned for more blog posts in the future!

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