Hair Blend Tutorial

I’ve been looking for new ideas for my shop, and I got the idea to start doing hair blends. I called this blend Pink Grapefruit. I used the colors Banana Pudding and Pink Lemonade!

I made a wig cap and marked the part as well as the areas I’m going to glue. I typically mark the middle of the head and then half way on each half section. Click here to see a wig cap marked.

For a blend, you’re going to pull off small sections of your wefts and alternate between the two colors.

Glue wefts around the edge of the wig cap.

Then I glued along the second line. I changed the alternation and started with pink for the first line and yellow with the second. It makes the hair look more blended and less uniform.

Finish gluing around the head.

Then you’re going to want to glue up to your part line. I’m parting my doll’s hair to the left, so the top wefts in the picture are going to meet with the bottom wefts.

Then I applied the part. Make it the opposite colors as the bottom layer of the hair.

Once that side of the part dries, flip it over and do the same thing for the second side of the part.

And here is the finished wig! With a hair blend, the colors will mix together a little bit, making the hair color appear different which can make some very interesting combinations!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I have an etsy shop where you can get all of the colors included in this tutorial. Click here to check it out!

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