Watermelon Hair Blend Tutorial

For my second blend, I decided to try a watermelon blend since that seemed like a fun experiment! For this blend, I used Pink Rock Candy, Green Apple, and Black Licorice.

I made 4 Pink Rock Candy wefts, 3 Green Apple, and 1 Black Licorice.

To start, I made the rind of the water melon by gluing Green Apple wefts along the first two layers of the wig cap.

Then I began gluing in Pink Rock Candy wefts. I realized that gluing any Black Licorice on the bottom layers didn’t show through in the end product, so ignore the black in the pictures.

I glued the hair all around the head and…

I glued the hair up to the part.

I then began to make the part. This is when I put in the Black Licorice.

After flipping over the part, I used a clear rubber band to tie back little pieces of the hair.

And here’s the finished wig!

Here you can see the green underneath.

And I am actually selling this wig on my Etsy shop along with a kit to make it! Click to check it out!

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