Boston Cream Pie Wig Tutorial

I loved working on my Watermelon hair blend, so I started brainstorming this hair blend! Let’s get started…

You’re going to need 7 wefts of Vanilla Cake and 3 wefts of Espresso from my shop. Click to check them out! I’ll have the blend as a listing on my shop soon, so you’ll be able to buy it there!

Mark your wig cap similar to this post. Start lining the edge of the wig cap with Vanilla Cake.

Glue one more line of wefts along the second line of the cap.

Glue the final line of wefts of Vanilla Cake close to or up against the part line.

Begin to glue the part of the head with Espresso along the part line.


Clip the part and flip it over once it’s dry.


Begin to glue the other side of the part and flip it over once it was dry.

And here’s the finished product!

I love the color combination for this wig! I’m really excited to put it up in my shop!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Follow my blog if you’d like to see more!

If you tried this blend, tag me on my instagram @athena_paints so I can see it

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