Gigi Grant Repaint

I saw Dollightful go through her stockbox of dolls one time and she pulled out a Gigi Grant doll and I immediately fell in love with her.

I’ve been saying that a lot recently. I suppose it’s because I just love Monster High dolls. There isn’t one I dislike. Which is a tragedy when I long for rare dolls. But I digress. Onto the repaint!

I started by filling in colors and doing some minor blushing. I was originally going to give her blue eyes and hair, but decided that I wanted to use more oranges and reds. Ever since my Abel repaint (Click to check it out!), I’ve been more interested in diverting away from my blue and purpley- red roots.

For the next layer, I began penciling in the details in the irises as well as get a bit more detailed with my blushing. I made the area around the eyes redder to suggest bags which I really like. I also darkened the lips and began adding details to them as well.

For the next few layers, I brightened up the colors. The white seemed to have a bit of trouble building, so I dampened the tip of the watercolor pencil. The right eye was a little iffy, but I like how the left came out.

For her wig, I pulled her hair into a bun similar to Maria from my second Obitsu repaint. I used the color Carrot Cake from my shop. Click to check it out!

I put her in a dress I got from Haunt Couture. It was the only dress I had that wasn’t on a doll, but I think it looks really good! It’s really cute.

And here’s the bun. I put it a bit lower on her head.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, make sure to follow my blog!

I opened my Etsy shop back in February. Click to check it out!


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