Free Wig Cap and Wig Tutorial

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Making a Wig Cap

Creating a doll wig is a great way to easily change out your doll’s hairstyle, length, and hair color without having to completely destroy the previous hairstyle. To make a wig, you’ll need a wig cap. They’re very easy to make and will always fit your doll perfectly.


  • 1 Paint Brush
  • Elmer’s Glue-All or School Glue
  • 1 piece of cloth
  • 1 rubber band


  1. Pull a piece of cloth tightly over the doll’s head.


2. Wrap a rubber band around the head.

Make sure it is up against the eyes and under the ears.


3. Pull the edges of the fabric until most of the folds are gone.

There will be a lot of places where the fabric folds in on itself, so just pull the fabric until the fold is gone. It’s okay to have a few folds as long as most of the big ones are gone.


4. Take out your glue and your paint brush and begin applying glue to the entire head.

5. Once done, wait for the layer to dry and apply 1-2 more layers of glue. For a total of 2-3 layers. Once your final layer has dried, we can begin to cut out the wig cap.

Important tip: The more glue you apply to the cap, the stiffer it will be. A stiff cap is more likely to hold its shape and reduce the chance of a slippery wig. 2 layers of glue will keep the cap stiff, but 3 will stay firmly on the doll’s head.

img_46916. Mark the hairline of your doll.


7. Next, mark the ears.


8. Finally, mark the back of the cap.


9. Take the cap off of your doll.


10. Cut out the cap.

If you can see some of the holes for hair plugs, that’s okay. Most of the time the hair will cover up the exposed holes. As you make more wig caps you will get better at marking and cutting you wig cap.


And here is your finished wig cap! Now you’re ready to make a wig.

Simple Part Wig Tutorial

When creating your first wig, it’s important to start with something easy to have as little frustration as possible. In this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to marking a wig cap, gluing wefts to the head, and making a part for your doll.


  • 8 Wig wefts
  • 1 Wig Cap
  • 1 Paintbrush
  • Elmer’s Glue-All or School Glue
  • 1 Hairclip
  • (Optional) 1 Piece of Saran Wrap
  • (Optional) 1 Rubber Band


1. Make a wig cap.


2. Mark the part.

You can put this anywhere on the wig cap. If you want your part in the middle or to the left, that’s perfectly fine. It won’t affect the methods in this tutorial


3. REALLY mark your part.

In the next step you’ll be drawing some more guidelines, so to make sure you can identify the part line, find some way to make it look different from the other lines. You can make the part line darker, or thicker, or you can draw a squiggly line like I did. Whatever works best for you.


4. Draw a line in the middle of the first section of the head.

It doesn’t have to be exactly in the middle. These are guidelines to tell you where to glue the hair.

5. Draw a line in the middle of the second section of the head.


6. Draw a line connecting the two

When you begin gluing the hair down, you’ll be gluing in a sort of U shape, so by drawing the U shape in, it will be easier to follow along.

Now we can begin to glue the wefts.


7. Apply glue to a portion of the wig.

Don’t apply glue to the whole head because it will begin to dry and you’ll end up putting even more glue on top of the head.


8. Break off a small part of the weft.

You’ll start gluing around the ear which curves quite a bit. You’ll want to use smaller wefts to glue around.


9. Glue the first weft along the edge of the wig cap.

We’re not gluing along the line we marked yet since we need to cover up the very edge of the wig cap.


10. Glue more small wefts around the ear.


11. Apply some more glue to the cap and glue another weft to the head.

You can begin to use larger wefts once you’ve gotten past the ear.


12. Apply another layer of glue to the wefts.

This keep the wefts securely glued down and keep them from coming off. You’ll do this for all future wefts glued down.


13. Apply more glue to the back of the cap.


14. Glue wefts on the back of the head.

Apply a layer of glue on top of the wefts once applied.


16. Apply more wefts to the wig cap.

To make the tutorial a bit easier to see, I switched to a different color for the second half of the wig.


16. Begin applying smaller wefts around the ear.


17. And apply one final weft at the edge of the cap.


18. Glue wefts along the first guideline.

You can either glue the edge of the weft right along the line, or glue it a little above or below– that just comes down to personal preference.


19. Continue to glue wefts along the line.

Stop at the beginning of the curve.


Do this for both curves.

20. Take small wefts and glue along the curve.


21. Finish by gluing wefts along the other side of the head.


22. Glue a weft right up against the part line.

I do this just to make sure there aren’t any large gaps in the wig.


23. Repeat for the second side.


24. Add a large amount of glue.

The part is going to be the most visible part of the wig, so add a lot of glue to make sure it stays firmly attached. It’s okay to get glue on the hair. You’re going to flip the part over it, so you won’t see it.


25. Glue the right half of the part like so.

You’ll be flipping the hair over, so glue it along the edge of the right half of the head.

It should look like this from the front:



26. Glue another weft on top of the part.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I flip my part over, I can see the glue under the hair which doesn’t look very good. When I make the part thicker, the glue is harder to see, making the wig look better. By gluing a second weft, it lowers the chance of the glue peeking out from under the part.


27. Separate the newly glued part  from the rest of the hair.

Try to do this before the glue dries. I’ve found that it’s much harder to separate the hair once it’s sat there for a long time.


28. Clip the part.

This will make it easy to flip the part over.

29. Wait for the part to dry.

You can’t really do anything at this point until the part dries. If you try to flip it over while the glue’s still wet, the wefts will just pull off and make a huge mess. It’s better to be patient in this case. It usually takes a couple of hours for the glue to dry. 

Flip the part over once it dries.


30. Apply glue along the part.


31. Pull off a small piece of a weft.

The next half of the part is going to be glued a little differently to make sure there are no gaps in the part.


32. Fold the stiff part of the weft over.


33. Place the folded part of the weft tightly against the other half of the part.


34. Repeat for the rest of the part.


35. Add a second layer of wefts.


36.  Clip and wait for it to dry.


37. Flip the part over once it’s dry.

At this point, you can either stop here, or wrap your doll’s head in plastic to get the hair to sit down. I usually don’t see a need to do it, but the piece of hair to the left wouldn’t sit down, so I’ll wrap it in plastic.


38. Wrap the head in plastic and secure it with a rubber band.

Wait a few hours or overnight to make sure the hair sits down.


39. Take the plastic off and rearrange your hair to your liking

The hair is going to want to stick around the neck. Just moving the hair around with your fingers will get it to stay the way you want it. You can also use an unused toothbrush to brush the hair out.

Once you’re satisfied with the way the hair looks, you’re done with your first yarn wig! Sit back and feel proud of yourself because you just made something really great!

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